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June 18th, 2018

Adopt-a-cat month

Did you know that June is Adopt-A-Cat month? The American Human Society has declared this month Adopt-A-Cat month because it is the height of "kitten season." It is stated that many kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters during the month of June. If you are seriously thinking about adopting a cat we want to help you prepare. On todays blog we are going to give you a cat adoption checklist to help ensure you are fully prepared when you bring your sweet feline friend home. 

- If You're Thinking About Adopting A Cat, Consider Taking Home Two - Exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction are three things that cats require. Having two cats can provide that for each other especially when you are away. 

- Find A Cat Whose Personality Meshes With Yours - When starting your search for a cat its best to talk to adoption counselors at the shelters. They will be able to offer advice to help you match the cat's personality with your own. 

FUN FACTS: Cats with long hair and round heads and bodies are more easygoing. While lean cats with narrow heads and short hair, are typically more active. 

- Pick Out A Veterinarian Ahead Of Time And Schedule A Visit Within The First Few Days Following The Adoption - Its always a good idea to take your new cat to a vet within the first few days of adoption. Having a professional evaluation of your new pet will put your mind at ease and help assure that your new friend is perfectly healthy. Be sure to bring any medical records you received from the adoption shelter on your first visit. 

- Make Sure Everyone In The House Is Prepared To Have A Cat Before It Comes Home - If you have a family its a great idea to make picking out a cat a family affair. Not only will your kids feel included but it is also good for the cat. If you have other pets at home be sure to talk to the adoption counselor about how to make a proper introduction with the pet at home. They will be able to tell you ideas and tips on making this process as easy as possible. 

- Budget For The Short- And Long- Term Costs Of A Cat - Owning a pet is a responsibility, and associated with that is a cost. If you adopt a cat from a shelter you will be getting a great bargain. Most all facilities will have already provided spaying or neutering, initial vaccines, and a microchip for permanent identification. 

- Stock Up On Supplies Before The Cat Arrives - Its best to make sure you have all supplies ready to go before the cat arrives at their new home. Having everything ready helps the cat adjust to their new home more quickly. 

THINGS YOU NEED: Litter box, cat litter, food and water bowls, food, scratching post, safe and stimulating toys, a cushy bed, a brush for grooming, a toothbrush and nail clippers. 

- Cat-Proof Your Home - Bringing any type of pet to your home its always good to proof it before they get their. A good cat will quickly teach you not to leave things lying out. Food left on the kitchen counter will teach your furry friend to jump on counters for a snack. Get rid of loose items your cat might chew on. Also, decide to pick up random items like paper clips, bobby pins or hair ties. These items are easy for cats to swallow. 

- Go Slowly When Introducing Your Cat To New Friends And Family - If you adopt a cat, it could take several weeks for a cat to relax in its new environment. For older cats, its a good idea to have its belongs (litter box, food, water and bed) in a secluded space so they can adjust at their own pace. This is particularly important if you have other pets. If you adopted a kitten, socialization is very important so a secluded space isn't necessary. But remember - take it slow. 

- Be Sure To Included Your New Pet In Your Family's Emergency Plan - I'm sure you have a safety plan for your family in case of an emergency while at home. Its always good to adjust this plan to include your pets. Be sure to have a card with phone numbers such as your veterinarian and closest 24 hour animal hospital to your emergency call list. 

We hope that this check list will help better prepare you to adopt-a-cat of you and your family. If you are actively looking for a new cat be sure to check out McKamey Animal Center. They have several cats of all ages that are looking for their forever home. Happy Adopt-A-Cat month from all of us here at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel. 

Resources: www.americanhumane.org

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