Tips For Dog Walking!

January 6th, 2021

January is "walk your pet month" so in honor our crew has compiled tips for successfully walking your dog! Listen up, the first tips are directed towards you, the owners! 

  • Remind yourself how much more your dog will love you after a good walk.
  • Was your new year resolution to get fit? Well, walking the dog is a great first step.
  • You can have an excuse to go explore a new place. Who doesn't love a little adventure.
  • Invite a friend, walking your dog in a park is a safe way to have some socially distant fun and bonding time with your two best buds.

The second part of our list is to help you have a better time while on the walk!

  • Does your dog pull? Try using a front clip harness. They are specially designed to correct pulling by redirecting the dogs body around.
  • Throughout the walk let your dog sniff around. Dogs sniffing around is an excellent way for them to feel stimulated.
  • Stay away from retractable leashes! They offer limited control and have even been the source of severe rope burns.
  • Ask approaching dogs/parents if it is ok to have a meet and greet. Not all dogs and dog parents want to play or be greeted on a walk. Ask first!
  • Pick up your dogs poo! This one should be easy, but is overlooked and ignored more times than we can count. Common people... it's nasty and unhealthy!
  • Keep the treats handy. Dog walks are a great place to work on training and lots of dogs are motivated by those yummy treats!
  • Make sure to bring water for you and your pup. Always stay hydrated even in cooler month dogs can get dehydrated on a longer walks.

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