Wellness Wednesday - June 6th, 2018

June 6th, 2018

pet appreciation week

Did you know that this week is Pet Appreciation Week? Well you are in luck, you still have most of the week to celebrate. Today we will be talking about reasons why you should celebrate your pets along with ways to show your appreciation. So read below from some tips and remember to give your pets extra attention and appreciation the rest of the week!


  • They Love You Unconditionally - Even on your bad days your pet still loves you. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could love unconditionally like our pets? 
  • They Are Cute - Pets are many things but cute is definitely at the top of the list. 
  • They Relax You - When you get home from a stressful day, curling up with your pet can make you feel relaxed and stress free. 
  • They Rock - All pets have personality and because of that, they rock. From random tail chasing to lazy lounge days, all pets are rock stars in our eyes.
  • They're Smart - Sit, stay, roll over, think of how quick most pets learn tricks. All pets are also good at picking up on human personalities, more so than us humans. 


  • Appreciation Means Love - Show your pets just a little more love this week.
  • Appreciation Means Understanding - Sometimes you might get frustrated with your pets if they chew on your favorite slipper or scratch at your furniture. This week try and understand what might be causing your pet to show this kind of action. 
  • Appreciation Means Paying Attention To Your Pets - Show more attention to your pet this week. Change up your routine to include your pet this week. Whether that means canceling dinner plans or allowing your pet to cuddle with you while you watch your favorite shows, either way try and show as much attention to your pet as you can. 
  • Appreciation Means You Should Do Something Special For Your Pets. What could that be? 
  1. Offering a delicious treat
  2. Taking them for an extra long walk
  3. Tossing a ball for fetch
  4. Rubbing your kitty's belly more
  5. Giving your reptiles an additional helping of grub

You know what your pet loves, so be sure to give them more of it this week! Who knows, this extra attention might become part of your new routine which in return can only strengthen your relationship with your pet. In honor of Pet Appreciation Week, we would like to give 10% off our bakery treats. Offer is good June 6 - June 13th. Happy Pet Appreciation Week from all of us at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel. 

Resources: www.positivelywoof.com

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