Go Wag'n Pet Transportation

March 16th, 2020

Too much to do and not enough time?
We have a solutions for you! 

GO WAG'N | Pet Transportation Now Available in Chattanooga!

We know this is a crazy time, and you maybe self quarantined at home with your crazy dogs or you may just not have enough time in the day! We would like to offer you a solution during this time and beyond, when getting the dog to and from anywhere can become a serious hassle!

Pick Up & Drop Off Locations Are Endless...

Monday - Friday | First pickup at 7:30am - Last drop off at 6:30pm

The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel (15% OFF all trips to The Ark!)

Your local veterinarian
Your Groomer
Your family
Your home
Your business
Your home or apartment
Anywhere, you name it...

Simplified pricing:

($5.00 Base Rate) + ($2.50 x #____total miles) = Total Fare

Milage and routes calculated with Google Mapping Technology

Our drivers:

Go Wag'n drivers are selected from The Ark's crew and are licensed, insured, background checked and drug tested to ensure your pets are in the safest hands possible! 

How to request a ride for your pet:

Requests must be made 24 hours in advance for our scheduling coordinator to route the most efficient route. You will be sent a message with the estimated pickup and drop off time for your pet.

Call In: 423-803-6063

Google Form: Click For Form

Once you've made your request you will be contacted by our scheduling coordinator, that coordinator will then confirm your information, collect payment information, and provide you with an estimated pickup and arrival time.

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