5 Essential Tips for Dining with your Dog

July 23rd, 2019

Chattanooga is home to food lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, socialites and most importantly - dog owners. And thankfully in the Scenic City, those categories can overlap at more than fifty local dog-friendly restaurants, cafés and breweries. That’s why the Ark Pet Spa & Hotel has some helpful tips for the next time you dine with your dog.

Tip #1 - Work out before you go out.

Before you can expect your dog to sit calmly at a restaurant, make sure he has a chance to expel his energy beforehand. Take a hike or stop by your local dog park. Once your pup is worn out, he is more likely to listen well and take it easy.

Tip #2 - Don’t let him wander.

Secure your dog with a short, non-retractable leash to ensure he doesn’t wander away or become a nuisance to staff and customers. If the restaurant is small, get your dog to tuck under the table or your chair so that no one trips over him.

Tip #3 - Keep cool.

Most dog-friendly eateries will provide your pooch with his own water bowl if you simply ask. On hot days, choose a table in a shaded area and keep a close eye on your dog for signs of overheating. Stay educated on how to keep your dog cool.

Tip #4 - Cut back on begging.

Be sure your dog is well fed before you bring him to a food-filled environment so he isn’t as tempted to beg. If your dog is food-aggressive or lacks table manners, you may want to brush up on some training. Before you sneak your pup a few bites from your plate, read our quick list of foods to NOT give your dog.

Tip #5 - Watch body language.

Not all dogs feel comfortable or safe in a busy restaurant. Stay attuned to your dog’s behavior and watch for signs of anxiety, stress, fear or aggression. If your dog isn’t ready to go out, don’t force him. Socialization doesn’t happen overnight.

If you aren’t sure whether a restaurant is dog-friendly, always call ahead. If it turns out that your four-legged friend isn’t welcome, bring your dog by your local Ark Pet Spa & Hotel for a fun-packed day of play. Our free play environment is proven to increase socialization skills while providing your dog with plenty of exercise.

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