What to Expect when your Dog Comes Home from Daycare

July 3rd, 2019

It’s a fact: a tired dog is a happy dog. And your dog will definitely be worn out after a long day of running, jumping and wrestling with new friends. Along with high physical activity, your pup will be exerting a lot of mental energy while making new furry friends and exploring our indoor and outdoor play areas. 

Here are a few normal things to expect when your dog heads home after daycare:

Early Bedtime

Playing is hard work, so don’t be surprised if you hear snores soon after your pup comes home. We guarantee your dog a full night’s sleep after spending the day with us.

Excess Thirst

Your dog has access to fresh water throughout his entire stay at The Ark, but he will probably still guzzle down his entire water bowl when he gets home. That’s perfectly normal after increased physical activity.

Unusual Appetite

Your pup may gulp down his dinner and beg for more, or skip out on kibble and opt for a cozy nap. Either way, you pup’s regular schedule may be a little skewed after a fun-packed day away from home. 

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