5 Reason Why your Dog Hates the Fourth of July

June 26th, 2019

Burgers sizzling on the grill. Sparklers illuminating the backyard. Music blaring out of the speaker. Sounds like a great party, right? Well…not for Fido.

For most dogs, the commotion of Independence Day can cause serious stress. In fact, one in five pets that go missing run away because of fireworks, thunder and other loud noises.* That’s why we’ve listed five reasons why America’s favorite holiday may not be your dog’s. 

1. Loud noises

While humans may find fireworks dazzling and exciting, dogs are naturally afraid of loud noises and bright flashes. When confronted with danger, their instinct is to run and hide. To prevent a lost pet, keep them in a safe, calm indoor space while fireworks, sparklers or firecrackers are being used.

2. Abnormal Diet

Your dog may be drooling while those burgers sit on the grill, but allowing your dog to partake in your holiday diet may cause them a serious upset stomach. Ignore those puppy eyes and continue to keep your pet on their normal feeding schedule. Read the complete list of foods to keep away from your pet.

3. Chewing Hazards

You’re hosting a party, and your backyard is littered with citronella candles, empty cups, pool toys and more. That means your dog has a lot of new chewing options to explore. Make sure potential hazards are far from your pet’s reach to reduce the chance of choking or poisoning. Practice the “Leave It” command so that your dog knows exactly which objects are off limits.

4. excessive Heat

While you’re relaxing in the pool and knocking back an icy beverage, your dog may be suffering under the hot sun without a way to cool off. Supply your pet with constant access to fresh water, a shady or air conditioned spot and perhaps a swimming pool of their own. Make sure to brush up on the signs and dangers of overheating.

5. New People

With so many new faces around, your dog may become overwhelmed. If your pup shows signs of anxiety or fear, provide a safe space, such as a dog crate or empty room, for him to retreat. 

Whether you decide to board your dog or keep him at home, consider the stress triggers that may arise and create a safe environment for your pet. As always, The Ark crew welcomes pets of all kinds to stay at our full-service hotel during the holidays. 


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