Wellness Wednesday- February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019

Responsible pet owners month

February is designated Responsible Pet Owners month. We all would like to think that we are responsible pet owners but every now and then we might have a slip and possibly let one of our pet responsibilities fall off our plate. We hope that the list below will be helpful reminders of your pet parent duties. 

1. Make Them Part of the Family – Pets especially dogs, need companionship. They are traditionally pack creatures and need the warmth and love that comes with living indoors with their family. 


2. Pet Proof Your House – Much like you would for a small child, taking a scan of your house to make sure it is pet friendly should be something you do often. Research what household products and foods that can harm your pet and making sure they are securely put away and out of pet reach.


3. Care for Your Pet – Routine visits to the vet and groomer are necessary. Staying on top of your pet’s health is important. Making sure vaccines are always up to date as well as a simple checkup can help save your pets life. 

4. Spay and Neuter Your Pet – Studies have shown that pets who are spayed and neutered live healthier, longer lives. It is also said that spayed and neutered pets are less likely to develop behavior problems. 


5. Always Keep an ID Tag on Your Pet – Having your pet wear an ID Tag will be helpful in the event that your pet wonders from home. Having a phone number along with the pet’s name are vital information that should always be on your pet. Having your pet microchipped is another great way to help your pet return back to you safely. 


6. Train Your Pet to Understand Obedience – Teaching your dog basic commends like “sit” and “stay” are helpful direction ques that could save your pets life in an emergency situation. If your pet doesn’t know these commends yet, try teaching them by using treats.

7. Give Them the Exercise They Need – Just like humans, pets need regular exercise to stay fit. Most pets will act out if they aren’t given the proper outlet to release stored up energy. Taking your dog for daily walks or spending a little extra time playing with your cat can be the answer 


8. Feed Them Properly – Being knowledgeable on the type of food as well as the amount of food you are giving your pet is important. Keeping your pet on a regular, portion-controlled diet will help with weight management and also help to prevent weight related health problems.


9. Socialize Your Pet – Did you know that when your pet meets new people and pets it helps improve their confidence? Spending time at the dog park or scheduling a doggy playdate will be beneficial and helpful in socializing. 

10. Love Your Pet – We all know pets love unconditionally. You are their world and they crave your love, attention and care. Be sure you are mirroring that love and show them the love and attention they deserve. 

 Happy Responsible Pet Owners Month from all of us here at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel.

*Resource: www.petsafe.net 

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