Woof Wednesday- January 30th, 2019

January 30th, 2019

Puppy Bowl xv

The Big Game is upon us, but we aren’t talking about the game on Sunday night, we are talking about television’s fuzziest sports competition the beloved Puppy Bowl. This year Animal Planet will be celebrating its 15th year of this adorable pet sporting event. Read on to find more about this year’s Big Game. 


This year is bigger and fluffier than before. Puppy Bowl XV will feature over 93 puppies from 51 different shelters from all over the US. Because of the success of the Puppy Bowl, it has been recorded that over 500 puppies have found their forever home through this event. This year’s bowl game will be on Sunday, February 3rd starting at 3:00pm on Animal Planet. 100% of the puppies and kittens that will participate in the Puppy Bowl will be available for adoption. 


Will you be rooting for team Ruff or team Fluff? Whatever team you are rooting for, we guarantee these pups will have you oohing and aahing over all cuteness that will be going on. Alongside host Dan Schachner will be his trusty rufferee assistant, Shirley, the rescue sloth who is keen to show off the slow-motion action throughout the game. Also making an appearance you will get to meet Shirley’s biggest and enthusiastic fan club – a group of loveable baby sloths from Costa Rica’s Toucan Rescue Ranch and sanctuary. 


Dogs, cats and sloths won’t be the only animals we see on the sidelines at the Puppy Bowl. Team Ruff will be energized by an adorable trio of baby porcupines while Team Fluff has a charming capybara on their side for moral support. And don’t forget about the cheerleaders, be sure to check out the spectacular group of baby kangaroo cheerleaders who root for their favorite team! 


There will be three fuzzball special needs players that will be featured on Puppy Bowl XV. You will get to meet Pippi, a blind Jack Russel mix; Bumble, a blind and hearing-impaired Australian Shepherd mix; and Will, a three-legged Doodle mix. You are sure to fall in love with these 3 special pups and be rooting for them to find their forever home.  


To meet the players and for more information about the furry game be sure to check out www.animalplanet.com. Tune into Animal Planet this Sunday, February 3rd starting at 3:00pm to watch Puppy Bowl XV and cheer on Team Ruff and Team Fluff as they play their hearts out to find their forever home.

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