Wellness Wednesday- January 2nd, 2019

January 2nd, 2019

National Pet Travel Safety day

Today is National Pet Travel Safety Day. This day was created by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige to heighten awareness of the traveling needs of dogs and cats. Whether pet travel means a dog-friendly vacation, day trip, visit to a dog park, trip to the veterinarian or a ride home from The Ark, it's important to make each and every trip a safe one. Below are a few tips on how to make sure your pet travels safely. 

1. Just as you would never leave the driveway without ensuring that your child is safely buckled in with a seat belt or securely fastened into a car seat or booster seat, so your fur baby should also be restrained when you get behind the wheel. An unsecured dog is a danger to your dog, your passengers, and the driver.  

2. Cats travel best in their carrier. Help make travel easier on your cat by making the carrier a safe place for your cat. Leave the carrier out and open at home, lined with a cuddly blanket or sweater. Toss your cat's favorite treats and toys inside then let your cat come and go at will.

3. Secure all carriers with a seat belt so that, in the event of a sudden stop, the carrier is secured.

4. Don't let your dog or cat ride in the front passenger seat. The weight of their carrier will signal the air bag to deploy in case of an accident. This could possibly injure your pet with its 200 mph force when deployed. 

5. Don't let your dog ride in the bed of a pickup. You'd think this would go without saying but people still continue to travel with dogs in pickup beds. More and more states are making this illegal but regardless of the law, never drive with a dog in the bed of a truck. 

6. Choose car travel whenever possible. Car travel is less stressful on dogs and cats than air travel

7. Carry the scent of home. Your pet's favorite blanket or toy is a comforting scent of home in a new place, whether that's the carrier, vet's office or a hotel room. 

8. Give your pet the opportunities to stretch their legs with rest stops every two or three hours. Not only is it good for your dog, but the stop is good for the driver as well. 

9. Carry a record from your home vet confirming that your dog or cat has had all of their necessary shots. Hotels and other lodging establishments may require showing proof of vaccinations at check-in. It is also a good idea to keep a pet first aid kit in the car at all times. You never know when you might have an emergency and need to use the kit. 

10. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a water bowl for your trip. Having water on hand will help prevent dehydration on those long trips or trips to the dog park. It's also a good idea to travel with your pet's favorite food or cat litter. You would hate to find yourself having to buy a brand your pet isn't familiar with, just for them to refuse to eat it. 

11. Remember you should never leave your dog or cat alone in a car. Doing so puts your pet at risk of heat injuries, hypothermia and theft. 

12. Stop letting your dog put their head all the way out the window. There are several dangers with this. Your dog could lean to far out the window either in excitement or by accident and fall out of the car. Your dog could see another dog or squirrel and jump from the car. There are so many scenarios that could be avoided by keeping all windows up or cracking the window about an inch still allowing fresh air and scents to enter the car. 

We hope these 12 travel tips will help keep your pets safe throughout the new year. If you are needing a new water bowl or pet food, be sure to check out our selection at Slobberbones Bakery & Market located inside each of our Chattanooga Ark locations. We hope you and your pet have safe travels throughout the year!

Resource: www.pawzaar.com

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