Vaccines. How Important Are They And Why Do We Require Them?

November 28th, 2018

Vaccines are one of the most crucial ways that The Ark keeps the dogs and cats in our care safe and healthy. “Pets should be vaccinated to protect them from many highly contagious and deadly diseases. Experts agree that widespread use of vaccines within the last century has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. Even though some formerly common diseases have now become uncommon, vaccination is still highly recommended because these serious disease agents continue to be present in the environment.” American Veterinary Medical Foundation (2018) Is it Important to Vaccinate? Retrieved from vaccination-faqs.aspx.


One of the most critical reasons that the Ark require vaccines is because of the high risk of exposure in our freeplay setting. Freeplay facilities are a ton of fun for your pup but without vaccines they can be hot spots for diseases and viruses to spread. Vaccinated dogs can still spread viruses to other dogs that are not vaccinated. The most dangerous viruses and diseases that affect dogs and cats are airborne and are also commonly transmitted through feces and saliva. Dogs are in constant contact with one another via mouth during playtime, affection and even grooming, making the odds of them contracting a virus while unvaccinated VERY high. No amount of surface cleaning and sanitation can erase the spread of airborne diseases. This can be an especially risky situation for a family with multiple pets in the home because if one pet becomes infected it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the other unvaccinated furry members of your family. Vaccinating your pets is the easiest and most effective way to prevent this. Regular vaccinations against these harmful and deadly viruses and diseases is the single best way to keep your fur baby strong, healthy, and ready to play!


Some of the most dangerous, contagious canine viruses include (but are not limited to) Canine Parvovirus, Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (more commonly known as “Kennel Cough”) and Rabies. Out of all of the common canine vaccines, Parvo not only has the highest mortality rate but it also has an average death of 48-72 hours from the time symptoms begin to show in your dog. “Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that is commonly associated with respiratory disease in dogs. It can also infect cats, rabbits, and, in rare cases, humans. It is one of the more common bacterial causes of canine infectious tracheobronchitis — also known as kennel cough.” Vet Street (November 12th 2012) Bordetella Bronchiseptica in Dogs. Retrieved from http:// Rabies is an incredibly threatening disease that is spread most commonly through saliva through a bite or scratch from the infected animal. Thankfully, these terrible viruses are completely preventable with the proper vaccinations. Feline viruses and disease are also an unfortunate reality. In addition to rabies, The Ark also requires the FVRCP vaccination and Feline Leukemia vaccination. “The FVRCP vaccination is an important part of your cat's routine. It prevents three potentially deadly airborne viruses: rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia. Rhinotracheitis is triggered by the common feline herpes virus.” Nestle Purina. What is FVRCP and When to Vaccinate. Retrieved from https:// Failure to get your feline companion the FVRCP vaccine can lead to your cat suffering from upper respiratory infections, runny eyes, severe diarrhea, loss of appetite and in some cases even sudden death. Gammaretrovirus, also know as the Feline Leukemia virus is also very dangerous and very contagious. Not only can it cause multiple types of cancers but feline leukemia is the 2nd leading killer of cats in the United States. Vaccines are crucial to prevent all of these viruses and diseases and ensure that your fur baby has a great experience when they come to stay and play!

The Ark Pet Spa currently requires the following canine vaccines:  

Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo

The Ark Pet Spa currently requires the following feline vaccines:

Rabies, FVRCP, FeL

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