Wellness Wednesday- October 3rd, 2018

October 3rd, 2018

THe ark's trained & certified crew

Today is Wednesday and so with that it's time for another Wellness Wednesday post. Today we wanted to focus on our hard working, trained and certified crew members at The Ark. If you have been on the fence about leaving your pet at The Ark hopefully this post will help you know that your pet is always in good hands once you drop them off with us!

Working at The Ark isn't just another job. We take new hires seriously at The ARk. We believe that our crew is what brings pets and pet parents back time and time again. The Ark has alway sought out pet lovers, first and foremost, to man its crews. We strongly feel that you can't teach someone to love pets, but you can teach them how to monitor behaviors, clean properly, and work well in a team environment. 


Did you know each crew member is required to go through several different training classes before they even work with the pets? It's true, each crew member has to be certified in the following...

  • CPR & Pet First Aid
  • Dog Body Language
  • Play Group Management

We feel strongly about each and every pet that comes through our doors. Being certified in these areas helps our crew members be able to act quick in any situation. The Ark's crew members use an industry leading training system called Dog Gurus. Each crew member has to go through Knowing Dogs 101 and 201. These two training modules are on both dog language and group play. While going through the training our crew learns how to:

  • Understand dog body language basics
  • Facilitate successful human-to-dog & dog-to-dog greetings
  • Assess dog emotions
  • Reduce dog stress
  • Lead with authority
  • Safely manage dog playgroups
  • And so much more...


Sarah Speer, our Director of Operations is a certified instructor in pet CPR and first response. She has trained all of our General Managers. Each of The Ark GMs are certified professionals in pet CPR and first response. Once hired, each crew member is Ark certified by the General Managers in both CPR and First Aid. The GMs also make sure that the more experienced crew members are always reiterating what they learn and make sure they are held responsible for always being on top of their certifications and training. Each Ark location holds quarterly safety meetings in which they review pet first aid, pet CPR, fire and emergency safety. 


The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel is ammeter of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association - IBPSA. The IBPSA is the industry leaders in pet service education and advocacy. As a member of the IBPSA we are always in contact with knowledgeable professionals in the per service industry. We like to be sure we are staying ahead and are prepared for the future in the fast-growth pet care industry. Our corporate crew attends the IBPSA conference each year to stay up to date with our membership and to make sure we are always evolving in our industry. Below are just some of the benefits of being members of IBSA. 

  • Provides business resources
  • Industry expertise
  • Staff education
  • Staff training
  • Staff certifications
  • Legislative support for the pet care service industry

We hope that you found this wellness post beneficial. Knowing that our crew is highly trained and certified should put your mind at ease. We love being your go to safety net with it comes to all things in the pet service. Thank you for allowing our crews to watch over your furry family members when you are away. 

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