Wellness Wednesday - July 18th, 2018

July 18th, 2018

12 dog actors & their real names

It's Wednesday ad today we are changing it up a bit and giving you a more feel good blog read. Have you ever been watching a tv show or a movie with a dog as one of the main characters? Well today we are giving you a list of 12 dog actors, their real names ad a fun fact about the star. Hopefully your favorites made our list!

1. COMET - FULL HOUSE - Comet the fun loving golden retriever from Full House also was the star dog in Air Bud. Coincidentally his real name is Buddy which is the same name he used in Air Bud. His owner taught him to play basketball, chess, baseball, football, soccer and hockey. Is there anything this dog can't do?

2. BEETHOVEN - BEETHOVEN MOVIES - The giant but lovable St. Bernard who played Beethoven was named Chris. After he stared in the Beethoven movies, Chris retired from the acting scene. 

3. STELLA - MODERN FAMILY - A French Bulldog is hands down the cutest cast member of Modern Family. Stella's real name is Brigitte. Brigitte was hired from the Hollywood animal acting agency, Good Dog Animals. 

4. LASSIE - LASSIE - The very first dog who played Lassie was named Pal. Fun but crazy fact, Pal earned $51,000 each week for his role on the small and big screen. The dogs who played Lassie, once Pal retired were all related to him. It was defiantly a family business for Pa and his relatives. 

5. EDDIE - FRASIER - Eddie whose real name is Moose earned over $10,000 per episode. Moose grew to old to finish out playing the role of Eddie so his son, Enzo took over in the eight season. It is said that Moose received more fan mail than any other cast member. 

6. MARLEY - MARLEY AND ME - The mischievous lovable Labrador who stole our hearts on the big screen in Marley and Me was actually played by 18 dogs. However, Clyde is the dog who got the most screen time. Clyde's owner says that he is exactly like Marley - out of control, mischievous and joyful.

7. JACK - THE ARTIST - Meet Uggie a Jack Russell Terrier who was a breakout star for his role in The Artist. He became a Golden Glove and Oscar winner along with his other cast mates for the movie The Artist. He also played a part in the movie Water for Elephants. He currently has his own book and is said to be the first dog to leave paw prints at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA. 

8. WISHBONE - WISHBONE - Another Jack Russell Terrier star is Soccer. The beloved star of the tv show Wishbone. The TV series ran from 1995-1998. Soccer was chosen to play Wishbone from more than 100 other dogs who auditioned for the role.

9. TOTO - THE WIZARD OF OZ - Toto might be the most famous dog of all time. Her real name is Terry and she played in 16 other movies besides The Wizard of Oz. However, she was only credited for her role as Toto. It has been reported that she wasn't credited under her real name Terry but as Toto. Terry is a Cairn Terrier. 

10. CHANCE AND SHADOW - HOMEWARD BOUND - This dynamic duo were the heart and soul of Homeward Bound along with the cat named Sassy. Chance whose real name is Rattler also appeared in the sequel. Shadow's real name was Ben. Both dogs retired from show business after the success of Homeward Bound. 

11. EINSTEIN - BACK TO THE FUTRE - Michael J Fox's sidekick in Back to the Future's real name was Tiger. The breed of Tiger is unknown, but he has said to be a Berger Picard or a Briard with uncrossed ears while others suggest he is some type of sheepdog. Whatever his breed Tiger only played Einstein for one movie before fully retiring form the business and living out the rest of his days with his owners. 

12. MILO - THE MASK - Milo was played by a Jack Russell Terrier whose real name is Max. Max quickly became a star of the hit movie The Mask along side Jim Carrey. This was Max's debut in acting. It is said that during filming, Jim became very close with Max and always wanted to play with him when the cameras stopped rolling. 

Everyone loves seeing furry friends on the big screen. They make the best sidekick in any action movie and gives comic relief in romantic comedies. We hope the list of dog actors continues to grow. Did your favorite dog actor make our list? If not let us know who they are and a fun fact. 

Resource: www.diply.com

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