Which Pet Parent Are You?

January 16th, 2020

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What Kind of Dog Parent Are You?

There are dog parents of all kinds, but our friends at Chewy have made it easy to determine which kind you may be! Follow the flow chart down to find out which parent you think you are.

The Trendy Parent

Keeping up-to-date on the newest gadgets, fashions and cultural trends is part of your everyday life. You’re always the first to try something new, so why wouldn’t you include your four-legged pup in on the trends?

The Helicopter Parent

You love your dog like your own offspring, and you want the best for her. Some might call you overprotective, but they just don’t understand the bond you have with your canine kid.

The Neat Freak Parent

While you love your pet, you also love a clean, organized and tidy home. Having a comprehensive stash of pet cleaning products allows you to keep your pup close and your couch spotless!

The Super Parent

To the super parent, your dog is more than just a pet, she’s a full-fledged member of the family. As such, her health, comfort and enrichment are of the utmost importance.

The Active Parent

Active parents enjoy being outside and going on adventurous with their dog. There is no terrain that’s off-limits and that means picking up the necessarily dog supplies for your journey.

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You know that The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel offers premium daycare, pet boarding and grooming services, but what you don’t know is there’s so much more you can get out of your next visit. Here are six ways we go above and beyond to give you and your pet the best experience possible.

Bundle and Save

The more your dog plays, the more you save. Our doggy daycare packages can save you money and make you feel like the best pet parent ever. Whether you purchase a 5-day, 10-day, 20-day or 40-day daycare package, the cost per day is less than single days. Plus, daycare packages never expire.

Add a Sweet Treat

Want to make your dog’s boarding stay extra luxurious? Add a special treat like a peanut butter stuffed Kong, relaxing brush out, nail trim, and much more. It’s like a long-distance hug.

Get Discounts

It’s your dog’s birthday month? They get a free treat! You used our services or purchased a product? You automatically get points added to your account through our Captain’s Club Reward Program. You have more than one dog staying with us? That’s another discount right there.

Fill a Treat Bucket

If you dog loves treats, we have the perfect item for you. Our Slobberbones Bakery & Market treat buckets are a crowd favorite. Choose all your dog’s favorite flavors of our all-natural treats, then refill the bucket again and again.

Ask Questions

Our award-winning groomers are always happy to answer questions and give you tips specific to your pet. From properly brushing your doodle to scheduling recurring grooming visits, our groomers can help you keep your dog healthy and happy.

Get Connected

We’re big fans of social media. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out for your pet’s furry face. If you share a cute photo of your dog catching some zzz’s after a long day of play or looking fresh after a trip to the spa, tag us so we can see!

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Labradoodles. Goldendoodles. Cockapoos. Maltipoos. Schnoodles. Cavapoos.

Doodles are now one of America’s favorite family dogs. Their affectionate personalities, high intelligence and all around charm are just a few of the qualities we all love about these mixed breeds. But what isn’t talked about enough is how much time and effort is required to keep their gorgeous coats from tangling and matting.

Whether your doodle has thick tight curls or long flowing locks, chances are you often struggle to keep your dog’s coat tangle-free. Our groomers have pulled together their years of expertise to give you top tips for maintaining your doodle’s unique coat.

1. brush often

What most owners don’t know is that doodles and many other heavy-coated breeds need to be brushed out as often as every other day. Depending on your dog’s coat, a full body brush out can take 10 to 30 minutes. Sound daunting? Enlist the help of our crew! Add a Board & Brush to your dog’s boarding stay, or book a visit to our groomer for a thorough brush out.

2. BRUSH the right way

Along with brushing your doodle often, you also need the correct technique and brush to get the job done right. A slicker brush and comb are your new best friends. We found a helpful video tutorial on how to properly brush out your dog’s thick coat.

3. get to know your groomer

The easiest way to ensure the health of your doodle’s coat is to schedule recurring grooming appointments. Our groomers will ensure that your dog is properly bathed, conditioned, brushed and trimmed. Keeping your doodle’s hair trimmed will reduce the amount of knots and tangles.


Matting can occur on any type of coat. Unless properly maintained, your dog’s hair will clump together to form painful mats that pull on the skin and can cause infection. Matting is most often irreversible and will usually need to be shaved off. Matts can form underneath your doodle’s top coat, so be sure to brush all the way down to their skin.

Our groomers are always happy to answer questions, give quick tips, and help you find the best grooming routine for you and your doodle. Your pet’s health and happiness is our priority. To schedule your dog’s next grooming appointment, you can call, go online or stop by your local Ark Pet Spa & Hotel.

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