Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you may be struggling to figure out what to do with your special someone and having a dog in the mix can sometimes make things even more complicated! We wanted to give you a few suggestions for a date night or weekend with your two and four legged loved one. We've compiled our lists using crew feedback and a great resource called

Dinner at a Dog Friendly Restaurant

With the ever growing population of pet owners, more and more restaurants are offering dog friendly seating! Many restaurants even have dog bowls and some even have speciality menu items just for the pups! Look for The Ark sponsored bowls at many local restaurants and snap a photo and use #thearklovespets and @thearkpetspaandhotel for a chance to be featured on our social media

Atlanta Dog Friendly Restaurants: 

Chattanooga Dog Friendly Restaurants:

Staycation At A Dog Friendly Hotel

Sometimes you just need a night or weekend away from the house, but you may not want to fool with packing for a long vacation and spending a big chunk of that hard earned paycheck. If this sounds like you, a “staycation” may be a good alternative. Some hotels are even dog friendly so you don’t have to leave Fido at home. Buyer beware, while they may be dog friendly, they may charge an extra fee to bring your pup. Weigh the pros and cons first!

Atlanta Dog Friendly Hotels: 

Chattanooga Dog Friendly Hotels:

Go On A Scenic Drive With The Dog

Sometimes there is nothing quite like turning off the phone and going for a long slow drive through the country or through the mountains. You don’t even have to know where you’re going! This can be a relaxing quiet time for a long conversation with your loved one. The dog will also enjoy all the new sights and smells of driving through an unfamiliar area.

Want Enjoy The Night or Weekend Pet Free? We Can Help!

We know the stresses of finding a place or person you can trust with you fur baby. That is why we spend so much time with our crews training them on everything to keep your dog happy, comfortable, and safe. Our crew members are all trained and certified in pet cpr/first aid, dog body language, and group free play management. We have also designed our facilities to cater to your pets every need from indoor/outdoor play yards to our award winning grooming department for when your pup gets smelly! Call to book your pets Valentine's Day "staycation"!

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Today is National Chocolate Cake Day! 

While this may be wonderful news for you, unfortunately your doggo at home will not be able to share on this joyous day. As many know, chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include

  • Extreme thirst
  • Diarrhea
  • Pacing,
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Seizure. 
According to your dog will typically vomit on their own, but if you know your pup ingested chocolate you will want to monitor your pup closely and make a call to the vet. The vet may instruct you to induce vomiting using a small dose of hydrogen peroxide. Untreated, these symptoms can last as long as 72 hours! If symptoms persist, more extreme measures may be taken by your vet up to and including IV’s, stomach pumping, and activated charcoal. 

If you think your dog got into your chocolate cake take action as soon as possible and contact your vet or the ASPCA’s 24-hour poison hotline (888-426-4435). For pet same treats, stop by your local Ark and check out what's new at the Slobberbones Bakery!

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5 Facts About Dog Kisses!

January 23rd, 2020

Fact 1: Puppies & Dogs Lick to Groom Themselves

From a very young age puppies are taught to lick themselves as a way of self grooming. Licking is also a sign of welcoming other dogs into the pack.

Fact 2: Dogs lick others to show submissiveness

Adult dogs lick as a sign of deference or submissiveness to a dominant pack member. The dog doing the licking usually lowers its body to make itself smaller, and looks up, adding to the effect of subordinate behavior. The dog receiving the face licks shows its dominance by standing tall to accept the gesture, but doesn't return the favor.

Fact 3: Dog mouths are not as "clean" as some say

Dogs and humans have comparable amounts of bacteria in their mouths, and the chances of getting sick from your dog’s kisses are low. Still, the CDC warns of the possibility of transferring diseases mouth-to-mouth between pets and their human parents (like Giardia and staph infections). 

Fact 4: Some dogs kiss more than others

If you, as a puppy parent, encouraged or heaped praise on your furry friend when he kissed you, he’ll carry that behavior into adulthood. Similarly, if you’re the only one in your household that encouraged such behavior, your dog will likely kiss you more often than others.

Fact 5: If your dog doesn't kiss you, don't worry, they still love you

If your dog doesn’t kiss you, that doesn’t mean he dislikes you, nor does it mean he is depressed or physically ill in any way. A sudden change in his behavior, however, like normally being very kissy and stopping for no apparent reason, might be cause for concern. Consult your vet whenever you see a major shift in your dog’s behavior like this.

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