With the new year only a few days away, I'm sure you have put some thought into your new year resolutions. But have you thought about resolutions for your pets, or some that include you and your pet? Today's Wellness Wednesday is all about resolutions that you can make for your pet or something you can do with your pet that will benefit them in the new year. 

1. UPDATE PET ID INFO - Changes happen all the time - people move, get new phone numbers and because of these changes most of the time we forget to update our pets ID tag until it's to late and our pet is lost. If your contact information has changed, the new year is the perfect time to update your pets' tags and their microchip information. By making these changes, it's the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way home safely. 

2. TEACH AN OLD DOG A NEW TRICK -  Keeping your older pets' brain active, can actually make it healthier. Studies have shown that mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in aging animals. By practicing tricks your pet already knows and adding in a new one is a great way to keep your pets' neurons firing. 

3. MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR VET - Like humans, it's always good to get a yearly checkup for your pet. Though these examinations aren't a crowd favorite it is a key component of good preventive care. As your pet gets older common health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or obesity are much easier to manage when detected in the early stages of the disease process. 

4. INCORPORATE (MORE) PLAYTIME INTO YOUR ROUTINE -  Getting cats active can sometimes be tricky. A great way to get them up and moving is by using toys that trigger their predatory instinct. Experiment with cat toys such as lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls and climbing towers to see what gets your cat going. 

5. TRY A NEW ACTIVITY WITH YOUR PET- Trying a new activity with your pet is easier than ever before. This resolution is not only beneficial to your dog, but you as well. You will have extra bonding time with your pet and reap the rewards of a healthy physical activity. 

6. CHOOSE AN AGE-APPROPRIATE DIET- Picking an age appropriate diet is beneficial. As your pet grows, they have specific nutrient requirements to help ensure that their bodies grow healthy and strong. If you have an older pet, they may have medical issues and having an age appropriate diet will help with these health issues. Choosing a diet that is specifically tailored to your pet's life stage is the perfect way to keep your pets in optimal health. 

7. MEASURE YOUR PET'S FOOD - EVERY TIME!- A lot of times when we feed our pets we are in a rush and don't necessarily follow the recommended feeding guidelines. Because of this, a lot of times we are overfeeding our pets and causing unnecessary weight gain. For the new year try using an 8 ounce measure cup to ensure your pet isn't taking in un-needed calories. A good rule of thumb is to start with the feeding guidelines on the bag to figure how much your dog or cat really needs. 

Whether you come up with your own pet resolution or add one of these to your list it's great to include your furry friends on your list! We hope 2019 brings great things to you and your pets. Happy New Year from all of us at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel!


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why choose the ark?

On today's Wellness post we are going to answer the question why choose The Ark? Whether you've been bringing your pet to The Ark for years or you are on the fence about brining your pet to The Ark for the first time, we are going to address why The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel is such a great place for your furry friends. 


The Ark has always sought out pet lovers, first and foremost, to man its crews. We feel you can't teach someone to love pets, but you can teach them how to monitor behaviors, clean properly, and work well in a team. We believe that guests and their pets come back over and over again because of our loving crew. Not only does our crew care so much about the pets they look after but they also go through extensive training when hired on. Each crew member is certified in the following: 

  • CPR and Pet First Aid Certified
  • Dog Body Language
  • Play Group Management

The crew also attends quarterly safety meetings to go over first aid, CPR, fire and emergency training to make sure they are staying current on these topics. All of this training is done before they are allowed to care for your pet. 


The Ark is a "free-play" facility, meaning dogs get to play together all day long under the watchful eye of our certified kennel crews. This means all dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people. In free play, the dogs are out in common play yards with other dogs with matching size and temperament. 


Each Ark locations had dedicated, spacious indoor and outdoor play yards. The outdoor play yards are covered with synthetic dog turf so that dogs stay as clean as possible when playing outside. The Ark also provides spacious kennels for dogs, awesome cat condos for the kitties, and even has dedicated space for caged exotic pets. All Ark facilities also have private pet cams so that pet parents can watch their fur babies all day and all night. 


The Ark was created to provide a safe, fun and loving environment for guests and their pets, by ensuring the highest trained crew members, the best facilities, and the latest in pet care techniques and products. We have learned that a well trained and well taken care of crew will thrive and when your crew thrives it translates to happy, safe pets and pet owners!


Another thing that makes The Ark unlike anything else in the pet boarding market is that we cater to a wide variety of pets. Many of our competitors only cater to dogs. While dogs make up a majority of our business we also offer services for cats, and exotic pets like parrots, snakes, hamsters, lizards, and we've even cared for a miniature pig. 


The Ark provides a number of pet services, including boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and we even boast a great pet bakery and market. We now that life gets crazy and who wants to make multiple stops for their pet for their boarding, there grooming and their food? We want to simplify our guest's lives and offer everything they need under one roof. 

At The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel we promise to stay current and knowledgeable in dog training, pet safety and CPR so you know your pet is in good hands with our crew. We will continue to update our facilities as needed to keep up with the ever-changing pet care industry. Remember The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel is an all inclusive pet hotel where all pets are welcome! Give your local Ark a call today and get your pet signed up for a stay with us at The Ark. 

RED BANK - 1100 Dayton Blvd. Chattanooga, Tn - 423-634-0466

EAST BRAINERD - 7760 East Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, Tn - 423-521-8888

DORAVILLE - 6485 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Doraville, Ga - 770-696-1897

HIXSON - 5461 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, Tn 37343 - 423-803-6063

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8 Things your cat loves

In honor of December being National Cat Lover's Month, we felt it was only fitting to write a post on the furry feline. So, without further ado read below to find out 8 things that your cat loves. 

  1. CATS LOVE TAKING NAPSDid you know that the average kitty sleeps for a whooping 12 to 16 hours per day! The reason for the snooze fest is because cats are nocturnal creatures. Who doesn't love a nice long cozy nap? Just like humans' small kittens and senior cats will spend more time sleeping than an adolescent cat.

2. CATS LOVE GROOMING & BEING GROOMED - Studies have found that adult cats spend approximately half of their waking hours grooming. That is why grooming is at the top of the list. It's clearly an important part of a cat's life. Below are a few reasons why cats spend much of their time grooming...

  • It keeps them clean
  • It keeps their skin and coat healthy
  • It makes them feel relaxed
  • It helps them bond with other kitties
  • It cools them off

3. CATS LOVE FRESH, NUTRITIOUS FOOD - When cats aren't sleeping or grooming then they are eating. Just like humans, cats are particular about their food. Not only does your cat's stale and spoiled food taste bad but it can also host different types of bacteria, like salmonella or staphylococcus. Be sure to check the expiration dates on both wet and dry cat food. Your cat will be thankful for the fresh, nutritious safe meal. 

4. CATS LOVE RUNNING WATER - Have you ever turned on the water faucet and your cat try to drink it? If you have a cat you are aware that most cats actually love water. If your cat is a water lover, lucky for you there are several drinking fountains that are designed for cats. It is also a fun idea to fill your bathtub or sink up with water, so your cat can splash around during their playtime. 

5. CATS LOVE SCRATCHING & CLAWING - Did you know that one of cats' basic instincts is to sharpen their claws? If you see your cat scratching and clawing different surfaces, chances are that's what they are doing. In addition to sharpening their claws, scratching can help relax and rejuvenate cats. Cat scratching is said to be equivalent to a nice, long stretch when your muscles are tired or achy. A quick scratch session can wake a tired kitty up immediately. 

6. CATS LOVE DAILY PLAYTIME - From kitten hood to their senior years, playtime is serious business for cats. If you have a cat, you know it doesn't take much to entertain them. Cats will play with anything. Playtime is a vital part of their health and development. Cat play dates back to their days in the wild when they had to stalk, hunt and capture their prey. It also helps to keep them exercised, engaged and happy too!

7. CATS LOVE WATCHING BIRDS - Does your cat love to sit in a windowsill or close to a glass door? The reason for this, bird watching. Whether cats love to watch birds because they're prey or simply because their movement captures their attention, cats are happy to spend hours observing birds daily. 

8. CATS LOVE THEIR HUMANS - Although cats are often depicted as solitary animals, like everyone they need love, attention and companionship. And who better to get it from than their owners. Below are a few signs your cat is trying to show you their love. 

  • Purring
  • Bunting (putting their head on you)
  • Sleeping on or near you
  • Meowing
  • Licking
  • Sticking their butt in your face

Whether you are an owner or just a cat lover be sure to celebrate them all month long! Keep these 8 feline favorites in mind and show your cat lots of TLC. Happy National Cat Lovers Month from all of us here at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel.


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