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Doraville: (770) 696-1897

6485 Peachtree Industrial Blvd - Map
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Doraville: (770) 696-1897

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Community Outreach

Lending a paw for those in need 

The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel makes it a priority to serve the communities around each location by donating supplies, volunteering our time and contributing funds.

Our Doraville location is a proud supporter of several local non-profits and charities that seek to increase the quality of life for animals and pet owners throughout Georgia. One of those hard working organizations is PAWS Atlanta, the oldest no-kill animal shelter in Georgia.

A word from Erin McMillan, Chair of the Board of Directors at PAWS Atlanta & longtime guest at the Ark in Doraville:

“Without organizations like PAWS Atlanta, thousands of loving adoptable pets wouldn’t be here, including my girl Shorty who passed away recently. 14 years ago, she was just days away from being euthanized for space at a county facility. PAWS Atlanta scooped her up, got her healthy and ready for a second shot at life, and a few weeks later, we were a match made in heaven. She lived until she was the golden age of 15 years old, and because of PAWS she got to enjoy the quiet, peaceful and happy life of a senior dog. The Ark took such great care of her and continues to care for our newest family member BettyWhite (another PAWS alum)."

You can get involved with PAWS Atlanta so that more dogs and cats get the chance to live happy, healthy lives and spread joy to our homes and communities. Find out how at