Slobberbones Bakery & market

Slobberbones Bakery & Market was created to provide Ark customers and their pets with the best all-natural pet food, treats, and supplements, as well as unique pet toys and merchandise. Slobberbones will provide education and products that will improve the well-being of our customer's pets' lives and help them thrive!

Our bakery and market carry several lines of premium all-natural pet foods. We boast our famous dog birthday cakes and cookies, as well as seasonal cookies and homemade goodies! Some brands include Merrick, Zignature, Grandma Lucy's, Pro-Pac, Fromm, and Diamond.

Whether you are looking for raw, raw-alternative, or grain-free dry food — we've got what you need!

Our experienced staff is educated in pet nutrition! They are knowledgeable about every product in the store and are always ready to help the customer understand labeled ingredients and discuss and customize the perfect diet for their pet. Understanding the benefits of specific pet food ingredients will ensure that the customers' food will deliver all the nutritional benefits to help their beloved pets thrive. A happy and healthy pup is a happy life!




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