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Madison: (256) 325-0157

7635 Highway 72 West - Map
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Madison: (256) 325-0157

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Mission & Culture


Creating a loving culture

Since 2006, The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel has offered premium pet care and provided peace of mind to thousands of pets and pet owners across the Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Atlanta area. Guests could tell something was different about The Ark, it may have been the great facilities or convenient locations, but The Ark believes what brought guests and their pets back over and over were the awesome crews. The Ark has always sought out pet lovers, first and foremost, to man its crews. You can't teach someone to loves pets, but you can teach them how to monitor behaviors, clean properly, and work well in a team environment. 

The Ark was created to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for guests and their pets, by ensuring the highest trained crew members, the best facilities, and the latest in pet care techniques and products.

"A Safe harbor for pets while their parents are away."

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