About The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel

The Ark was founded by Jay Floyd in 2006. Jay and his family were in search of a pet sitter or boarding facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unfortunately, in 2005 there were no good options. While there were veterinarians and kennels none gave them the safe, fun, and loving feeling they wanted for their beloved fur baby. They were not alone, and they knew it, so in 2006 Jay opened the very first Ark Pet Spa & Hotel in Chattanooga’s North Shore. Jay wanted something better and knew he could create it with a strong crew around him. The Ark would be different than the competition; The Ark would provide hospitality to pets of all kinds. Like The Ark’s name and logo imply, it would be an all inclusive pet hotel and spa. Not only would The Ark provide a loving, safe, and fun environment for dogs, but it would also provide those things to all pets from cats and birds too hamsters and even pet lizards.

While the majority of the expected business was from dogs Jay was prepared and from the start created dedicated square footage to board animals of all.

Jay also knew that simply building an Ark would not do, he needed a strong crew to keep the business afloat. The goal was always to find honest, pet lovers to crew The Ark, but not everyone knew how to properly care for pets in a safe and fun manner, that is why he sought guidance from experts in the field. The knowledge gained from the experts trickled down to every member of the crew. To this day crew training is a key to The Ark’s success. Without a strong, loving, and well-trained crew The Ark would surely fail. They wanted to make sure that every day and every year The Ark would move forward and improve its staff, facilities, and systems.

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The Ark was created to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for guests and their pets, by ensuring the highest trained crew members, the best facilities, and the latest in pet care techniques and products.

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